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The Swanky Spa Lab is an Innovative and Creative Program that blends the elements of STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and now STEAM, with the addition of Arts, into an Educational , Engaging & Fun Project Based Enrichment Program.

Students learn key science concepts engaging in hands on exploratory activities that incorporate all elements of STEM/STEAM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS & MATH) . As a Project Based Program Participants Get To Make A Take Home Project Related to The Core Science Concept & Reinforces The Learning Experience .

Participants at the Swanky Spa Lab learn key science concepts , engage in hands on STEAM based exploratory activities and have a fun time while engaged with a variety of fun projects. Each lab session includes a make and take home project which participants have customized with their own creativity during the lab session .

The Swanky Spa Lab is available for birthday parties, troop group events , after school programs , in school field trips and other events .

Contact us for more information and/or to book a Swanky Spa Lab Party or Event .
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